Veterans PTSD Statistics

As the nation comes together to honor the bravery and sacrifice of the people who have served our country this Veterans Day, it’s crucial to recognize the invisible wounds they carry. Post-traumatic stress disorder is a prevalent and serious condition among veterans, stemming from experiences that may be impossible to comprehend for those outside the military. At Serene Behavioral Health, we emphasize the value of timely PTSD support and treatment, ensuring veterans have access to lifesaving care.

Understanding the Impact: PTSD Among Veterans

Compared to civilians, veterans are 15 times more likely to develop post-traumatic stress disorder, five times more vulnerable to depression and almost twice as likely to commit suicide. 

These numbers don’t only reflect temporary struggles; they represent a significant portion of our veteran population living with enduring trauma, injuries and difficulty adjusting to a civilian lifestyle, often leading to challenges in their relationships, careers and health.

The Challenge of Timing and Access

Access to treatment is critical in addressing PTSD and other mental illnesses. The Department of Veterans Affairs provides indispensable services to those who have served our country, but veterans often face long wait times to receive care. This delay can exacerbate your symptoms, making recovery more complex and challenging.

Serene Behavioral Health serves as the mental health arm of Hope by the Sea, a VA Community Care Network provider. If you require intensive mental health care unavailable at a nearby VA facility, you may be eligible to come to our campus.

Serene Behavioral Health: Ready to Serve Veterans Now

At Serene Behavioral Health, it is our mission to ensure veterans have access to evidence-based treatment methods. We understand every moment counts. That’s why we offer programs tailored to veterans’ needs without the wait. Our approach to PTSD treatment includes the following.

  • Immediate access: You can access our services right away, starting your healing journey right after reaching out for help.
  • Comprehensive care: We provide a range of therapeutic modalities designed to address PTSD’s multifaceted nature.
  • Personalized treatment: Understanding that each veteran’s experience is unique, we tailor our treatment plans to fit individual needs and circumstances.
  • Community support: Veterans surround themselves with peers and professionals who understand the military experience and can offer the camaraderie and specialized support necessary for recovery.
  • Insurance acceptance: We accept TRICARE and TriWest insurance to make treatment more affordable.

Expert Mental Health Treatment for Veterans

As we observe Veterans Day, let’s offer our appreciation and extend a helping hand. If you or a veteran you know is struggling with PTSD, Serene Behavioral Health is ready to provide immediate and effective care. You don’t have to face the complexities of PTSD alone, and there’s no need to wait on the VA when urgent help is available.

This Veterans Day, let’s take meaningful action by ensuring our veterans have access to the care they deserve. Serene Behavioral Health commits to serving those who have served us, providing a sanctuary for healing and the opportunity for a peaceful, fulfilling civilian life.

For more information on our PTSD treatment programs for veterans, or to start the process today, please contact us. Your bravery deserves our dedication.

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