Multiple treatment modalities to meet your needs.

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The Expertise You Need

Serene offers a variety of modalities and a diverse team to meet individual client needs.

Through the use of varying modalities, we are able to individualize the treatment plan for each person who comes through our doors. Our team specializes in therapies including:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy: Cognitive-behavioral therapy helps people develop positive coping skills by evaluating the thoughts and feelings associated with unhealthy behaviors.
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy: This mode of therapy encourages people to focus on things happening in a specific moment rather than the past or future. This helps develop coping skills for stress, improves relationships, and aids in regulating emotions.
  • Motivational therapy: Also known as motivational interviewing, motivational therapy provides a foundation for change through empowering people to create their own reason and capacity for change.

We are devoted to help structure treatment to meet your individual needs

Group Therapy

At Serene Behavioral Health, our group therapy offerings include both day and evening psychoeducational groups. These groups focus on self-help skills, behavioral adjustment, interpersonal relationships, prevocational preparation, alternative placement planning, and social skills. We have geared all our programming toward transitioning clients out of treatment and into “real-world” independent living.

Groups occur Monday through Sunday, and we have an average of 7 hours of group therapy classes per day. All staff and services at Serene Behavioral Health are supervised by licensed practitioners, as well as our general manager, program director, and clinical operations manager.

Medication Policy

Clients who require medication to treat their physical or mental health must be assessed by a private physician or by Serene’s prescribing medical staff before admission. Our trained staff will pick up prescriptions at the client’s expense and keep them in a locked cabinet. Clients will self-administer their necessary prescriptions under the direct supervision of a staff member. Any prescriptions brought from home will require inspection and approval from the medical director. For your safety and ours, our staff will destroy any non-approved medications.

Safety Needs

Serene Behavioral Health staff are experienced and fully trained to handle any medical or psychiatric emergency. When clients report their inability to remain safe, our staff will notify the appropriate senior management and clinicians, perform necessary assessments of the concerning behavior, and if necessary, transfer the client to an emergency department or psychiatric hospital and provide or arrange for follow-up for continuity of care.

Serene staff members have received training in the process of safety assessment and monitoring for medical and psychiatric emergencies. Serene Behavioral Health engages in pre-crisis planning and has assigned staff members clear roles in case of an emergency.


Serene Behavioral Health will provide all necessary transportation to medical and non-medical appointments, as well as all necessary clinical appointments. We will also provide transportation for necessary daily living and to community events, outings, and activities. Lastly, we will provide transportation every evening to allow our clients to attend self-help meetings, and on the weekends, will drive clients to their preferred places of worship as necessary.

Other Services

Optional services Serene Behavioral Health provides through community interdisciplinary resource partnerships include psychological testing, smoking cessation treatment, TMS, acupuncture, and IV infusion treatment.

Our Credo

Serene Behavioral Health will not violate the rights of any client or resident during their stay. We admit clients without regard to race, color, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, age, or national origin. We provide treatment and services in a drug- and alcohol-free environment.

To learn more about what we offer, contact us anytime at 949-395-6552 to request help and start the conversation that could save yours or a loved one’s life.